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ET3-intank-150pEgg tumblers are used frequently by breeders of mouthbrooding fish such as African Cichlids. The gentle rolling action caused by these tumblers can simulate the normal incubation method of these fish. Allows egg incubation in same tank as fish are breeding in to provide identical water conditions during incubation period. For non non -adhesive fish eggs  only.

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Original Acrylic body Tumbler with elbow outlet and air valve. Included air valve allows precise tumbling action control. Egg holding cup is easy to open for quick egg depositing and removing of hatched fry. Elbow spout on top of tumbler for less surface spray and smoother action.
Requires airline tubing and air source


NEW Economy models: Inspired by the nice folks at KG Tropicals and others who have demonstrated simple tumblers using standard sponge filter parts. We are providing these already assembled with benefit of not having to use nylon stocking or fish net type mesh or rubber bands for holding fabric. Avoids the tearing risk which is common with placing thin mesh between these tightly fitted parts. Replacing mesh with a coin sized disk of nylon mesh that is more durable and can be re-used when opening / closing tumbler. For those breeders preferring to assemble their own can still of course purchase the parts - SEE BELOW.



Economy Model with screen disks and screen retainers on upper and lower bullseye. Includes upper lift tube riser for better performance with lower air flow rates. Works well with even small hobbyist type air pumps. Suction cup for in tank mounting.
Optional air control valve:
Requires airline tubing and air source




Variation of ET3 with addition of an upper screen retainer that remains attached to upper bullseye allowing easier opening of unit for depositing and removing eggs.  Screen is locked in place on upper bullseye with addition of extra clear plastic fitting, see pop-up image (click on image at left).
Optional air control valve:
Requires airline tubing and air source




ET4 Tumbler Air pump kit:

Includes breakthrough design sleek mini air pump.
Pump small and light enough to suction cup attach to aquarium yet produces enough air for a few tumblers. Usefull when desiring to keep broods in display aquarium which may be isolated from central air system.




PARTS KIT for home made Egg Tumblers. Inlcudes:
HS-LT, 5” Lift Tube
2 x HS-B, Bullseye Fittings
1 x Suction Cup
Requires user supplied mesh fabric for screen - use mesh from fish net or panty hose. Also use rubber band to hold in place during assembly. See video at You Tube - serach DIY Egg Tumbler.




 Egg cup equipped with 2 screens to protect eggs from fish nibbling through screen

The tumbling action is adjustable via an Air Valve #AWV1TB attached to top of tumbler air supply pipe (not shown) and the air supply height adjustment tube

Constructed of heavy acrylic pipe stock and accurately machined components to provide an easy to use, durable device.


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