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Air Exchangers can be used to remove humidity and stale air from Fish Rooms while conserving valuable heat. A necessity in cooler northern climates. Prevents structural damage from long term exposure to high moisture levels common where large amounts of water are present indoors. Customers who’ve installed these units say their Fish Rooms are also much more enjoyable to work in with the lower humidity and odor levels.

AEH1000 Air Exchanger

Item #






Air Exchanger for Fish Rooms
 from 300-1000 sq. ft.*




Air Exchanger for Fish Rooms up to 1500 sq. ft.*
dual core unit for increased efficiencies




Air Exchanger for Fish Rooms up to 2500 sq. ft.**
Compact Commercial size dual core unit
Highest efficiency available




Air Exchanger for Fish Rooms
1500-3600 sq. ft.**
Commercial grade unit designed for excessive moisture and odor prone environments such as found in Hatcheries and Pet Stores




Air Exchanger for Fish Rooms:
3600-6500 sq ft **
Commercial grade designed for excessive moisture and odor prone environments such as found in Hatcheries and Pet Stores


* Rooms with average 8’ high ceilings.
** For large Commercial applications properly scaled facility drawings as well as total water surface area figures are needed to accurately size for dehumidification purposes
 Note: for any Air Exchanger to operate properly you need to provide suitable air turnover of the total volume of air in that room. Incorrectly sized equipment will be a waste of dollars spent resulting in an ineffective installation.
Larger units available - CALL



Exterior ventilation weather shroud

Exterior ventilation shrouds for 6” diameter ducting
sold in pairs (1 pair required for Air Exchanger)

(price per pair



Insulated flex duct, 6” diameter x 25’ length
Use for fresh air intake on air Exchangers equipped with 6” round ports




High Efficiency Pleated Air Filter, 6 pack
fits AEH1000, AE1500




Air Exchanger Summer Core
replaces standard aluminum heat exchanging core Use during warm weather months. Run Air Exchanger at night when there is a temperature drop will effectively ventilate stale humid air bringing in fresh cooler night air.




Duct Grille, 6” duct, adjustable flow - max 150cfm
for interior duct connections to room
mounts in wall or ceiling when air exchanger ducting is run above ceiling or within walls. Also use when balancing flow rate between multiple duct outlets.




Duct Grill, 8” adjustable flow - max 280 cfm
same as above 6” duct for 8” piping or use with an adapter onto 6” duct for better flow rates on 6” ducts






The principle of the design is an efficient air exchanger “core” which absorbs heat and condenses moisture as warm moist air flows across it. The heat is transfered to the incoming cool outdoor air with as high as 90% temperature recovery in the AE1500 (dual core) units.
AEH1000 and AEH1500 units are fitted with a 5 speed fan, thermostat and humidistat, Larger commercial units are custom configured allowing setpoint low speed operation or setpoint non ventilate operation (to conserve heat) with adjustable self-contained or remote dehumidistats allowing the user to set desired levels.
On setpoint low speed function, unit will automatically kick into high speed if it senses dehumidification is not adequate. It will then return down to low speed once it reaches setpoint. It also has an automatic defrost mode to prevent freeze-up of the core during extremely cold outdoor weather. This function cycles at user selectable intervals to prevent freezing of heat exchanger core
Another feature is the easy to remove core. Simply pull the core straight out and rinse off over a sink or with a garden hose. A foam filter can also be easily cleaned and replaced. Special HEPA (high efficiency particulate filters) are available as an option for those with alergies or for removal of outdoor pollutants.

Installation is accomplished by hanging unit from ceiling joists or similar hang points. Recommended connections are 6” Schedule 20 PVC pipe on smaller units. Two exterior outlets required (#AEWH6P - large dryer vent style hoods). An inlet for fresh air and an outlet for stale air. Connection for condensate drain is also required (1/2 plastic tubing). Can be run into a sink, floor drain, outdoors, or removed with an automatic condensate removal pump

While this may seem an expensive addition to any facility, the savings in energy by capturing heat and the potential for serious damage to your building’s structure without having an Air Exchanger will more than make up the cost for the purchase of this unit. The health benefits of working in a comfortable mold-free environment are likewise valuable. As humidity levels exceed 65-80% (common in “Fish Rooms”) comfort levels decrease and potential for mold spores multiplying are likely. Installing a new “Fish Room”? Then do yourself a favor and plan for the installation an Air Exchanger from the start, We guarantee you will thank yourself down the road.

 These are high quality, properly designed units, tested to be effective in continuous day to day operation in commercial and residentail applications worldwide; Install it - Set it - and Forget it. We believe this product fits our theme. “Purchasing quality is more economical, due to the less aggravation, less maintenance, & less energy used.”


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