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We are your Fish Room Supply House

The above heading best describes JEHM Co.. We carry most items needed to operate a Fish Room. Whether it be the Advanced Hobbyist/Breeder, The Commercial Fish  Breeder, Importer, Institutional facility or a Retail Fish Store, we probably have many items you need to help you operate more efficiently and profitably in your endeavors.

For our Wholesale Customers please call for information on our special products, such as Private Labeling and retail store re-sale sized packages. We have many additional items not listed on this site which are specifically available to our Retail Pet Store accounts.

Foods we sell direct are geared to the higher volume user. We offer a large variety to fit many different needs of our Customers; from superior Premium Conditioning Foods, to inexpensive Grow-Out Feeds, to various Fry Foods. They are all  fresh and packaged with superior methods and materials to any other bulk foods available. Please call us to discuss your needs, we prefer you get the correct feed for your application, not just a part number.

Our Hardware offered is made with attention to quality as the first criteria. You will not find any products with inferior workmanship in our line. We are of the strongest belief that quality products usually pay for themselves in less aggravation, less maintenance, longer life span and higher efficiency. An expanding Fish Room does not have to mean an expanding headache, as one piece of equipment breaks down or requires maintenance after another. By buying right the first time, you can avoid the downtime and the headaches as well. You will also find that we can offer these high quality products at lower prices while providing more informed, personal service than competitors can with similar or inferior products.

We have increasing discounts on many products based on quantities purchased. Inquire about levels on specific items. If you do not find something on our site which you may be looking for, please contact us, we may have the item but it is not listed here. We can also get many items within short periods of time, or we may begin carrying it as a regular product if interest warrants. Also check back frequently since we are always adding new products.       

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