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Pure Spirulina Flakes, 1/2LB



Pure Spirulina Flakes, 1 LB.



Pure Spirulina Flakes, 2 1/2 LBS


Spirulina is considered to be one of Nature’s most perfect foods. Ideal as a staple for all your Herbivorous fish and as a supplement for Omnivores and Piscivores. Many herbivorous fish require a mainly vegetarian diet to insure proper health. Help avoid “Bloat” in Rift Lake Herbivorous Cichlids by feeding such a diet.  These flakes have Spirulina as the main ingredient not a minor third or forth addition, as in other brands Spirulina Flake! Balance is solely derived from vegetable sources. No Artificial Color.
This unique flake is unlike any other flake. It is made up almost entirely of Spirulina Algae, hence the name “Pure Spirulina Flake”. Many of our customers will mix this product with other regular Spirulina flakes to enhance the nutritional value of these other flakes. For a flake with the utmost in Spirulina’s benefits, choose this flake. Special processing assures the maximum carotenoid benefits of the raw Spirulina algae remain intact. Not to be confused with other imitations which are not produced the same as this product. Highest carotenoids in a Spirulina flake naturally complemented with beneficial minerals.
Analysis: Min. Crude Protein 45-60%, Min. Crude Fat 7%, Min. Crude Fiber 4%, Max. Moisture 7% Min. Phosphorus 1%


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