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Newly hatched Brine Shrimp are still the best source of nutrition for many species of newborn fry and are still a good value for those critical first weeks of feeding. All fry are born with the ‘instinct’ to eat something which moves. Only live food can provide the stimulation for some fry to feed and Brine Shrimp are the choice for highly nutritious live food. See our Hatcheries for an easy to use device for hatching out artemia. Once the fry are feeding on live food for a period, they can be ‘taught’ to accept dry foods and weaned off the Brine Shrimp. Consider using “Cyclop-eeze” to supplement the feeding of Brine Shrimp nauplii. With difficult to wean fry, small amounts of Cyclop-eeze can be given along with the nauplii to stimulate them into accepting the non-live Cyclop-eeze. The color and size Cyclop-eeze are similar in appearance to BBS providing easy transition over a period of days or weeks.
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Premium Grade Utah Cysts:
When you are buying Premium eggs you are not only paying for the increased hatch-out percentage but more importantly you are also getting better separation between nauplii and cysts. This makes harvesting your nauplii easier with less chance of harvesting un-hatched or empty shells along with nauplii (can cause problems for some fry if they consume cysts). They will also maintain better shelf life for the user. Once you have used both Premium and lower grades you will appreciate the best grades also. Do not be fooled by companies selling lower hatch-out as Premium, which are only 80% - 86% hatchout. or lower! Misrepresentation of product is very common with Artemia cysts. We guarantee satisfaction and can provide a copy of “Analysis Certificate” showing hatchout %.

Item #






92%+ hatch artemia cysts
16 oz vacuum sealed can
2013-14 harvest
Great Salt Lake UT origin




92%+ hatch artemia cysts
4 oz sealed foil pouch
2013-14 harvest
Great Salt Lake UT origin










Special Mini Cysts High HUFA
We also offer a special cyst which hatches a smaller sized nauplii similar to the highly sought after cyst from South America from years gone by. Primary benefits are the very high fatty acid levels of 7-12%+ HUFA and extra small nauplii size. Hatched nauplii is approximately 430 micron. These eggs are used when the standard Utah cyst hatches out too large and when the superior nutrition is needed such as in the critical first days of delicate species. These special cysts are a true Premium grade 90%+ hatchout.



90% hatch Premium micron Grade
50 gm sealed foil pouch
430 micron miniature Artemia




90% hatch Premium micron Grade
250 gm sealed foil pouch
430 micron miniature Artemia

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Decapsulated Artemia Cysts






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