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Call for information on our large Trickle Filters for Central Systems or Large Aquaria. The big advantage of using a Central System for your FISH ROOM is the abiltiy to automate much of the labor intensive tasks which increase as your Fish Room grows. Having a central sump area where all water drains to before returning to the tanks provides an ideal area to control parameters such as temperature, pH, turnover and of course water changes. There are many ways to accomplish automation, too numerous to go into here. Much will depend on your type of aquatic livestock and desired level of “hands off” complexity.

Commercial Cartridge Filters available for aquariums 100 gallons to 20,000 gallons. Our high flow cartridge or bag filters can handle high flow rates with low back pressure. We also carry UV Sterilzers for individual tanks or multiple tank central Filter systems. A good Cartridge filter is neccessary for pre-cleaning any water traveling through a UV Sterilizer for proper effectiveness of the UV.

Inquire about our “BYOB Pre-Filter”, the economical high flow pre-filter for use with large drilled tanks or central system overflows. Includes large surface area of coarse filter sponge and 2” pipe size for 1000 gph capacity Optional micron sock can polish water. Can be used directly behind or below aquaria where bulkhead or overflow box discharges. Or fitted atop a Wet-Dry filter or at discharge into sump.

Fittings of all types and custom Pipe adapters are available including Spray Bars, dispersion nozzles for trickle filters and intake tubes with pre-filters custom fitted to pump intakes.



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