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Safety Siphon Aquarium Drain

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Gravity feed siphon
1/2” pipe w/ 1/2” hose barb




Safety Siphon
powerhead drain
w/296 gph powerhead




Safety Siphon
powerhead drain
w/350 gph SEN pump


Large 3/4” PVC pipe size siphons for higher flow rates



Gravity feed Safety Siphon - High Flow
3/4” pipe, 3/4 hose barb



Super Safety Siphon
550 gph SEN pump
w/ 3/4 “ Female swivel Garden hose adapter
(optional: can be fitted with outlet hose barb x GHT- specify)




Super Safety Siphon
580 gph pump
w/ 3/4 “ Female swivel Garden hose adapter
(optional: can be fitted with outlet hose barb x GHT- specify)


Adjustable intake siphon tube allows draining to desired level without your attention.

Does not waste water like "Faucet Pump" drains.

Use as gravity siphon #JSS (with siphon bulb) for lower-level drains or with powerhead #JSSP, to any location drain.

Hands Free tank draining

#JSS, #JSSP fit " ID tubing, (use with Python™ hose or any " ID tubing)

#JSSHF, #JSSSP require 3/4” tubing.

#JSSSP-FGHT provides a Female Swivel Garden Hose fitting to attach to a conventional Garden Hose (male end). Note For an additional $5.00 this unit can be fitted with a ball valve to use as a shut off when filling tanks. Add BV suffix of part #

This simple siphon device will make water changes one step easier than previous methods. Just use your present hose from Python style water changer, remove the gravel cleaning tube and attach hose to hose fitting. Set intake tube to desired height, and walk away to do something else without worrying about when to stop siphoning. Fits on all standard glass aquariums 5 thru 180 gallons. With a Powerhead it will pump through your existing Faucet Pump (Python) device with the faucet shut off. (Faucet Pumps can waste large amounts of water to generate enough suction to drain tanks which are at an equal or lower level as the faucet. Stop sending costly additional water down the drain just to drain some water from your aquarium). Or use as gravity drain (without powerhead) to a lower position than the tank you’re draining. Yes, this is a very simple device that you can make yourself from standard PVC fittings, and we will even give you the plans if you’d like to, but it is  priced it low enough for it to be just as easy to get one from us. Plus you’ll get the right fitting hose barb, and powerhead adapter, and siphon starter bulb. When you are ready to re-fill the tank just unplug the powerhead (if using) and turn on the water faucet and fill through the drain tube back into tank. No need to hold the hose from falling out of the aquarium. JSSSP is a very handy tool for those with larger Aquariums. Doing big water changes is now a few minute chore instead of an hour of labor.

For unattended refilling of aquariums see our new Automatic Tank fill device:
Water Change Device


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