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Our line of filter equipment includes items typically used by breeders or those Hobbyists with multiple tanks in a “Fish Room”. You will not find any Power Filters or hobbyist sized Cannister Filters on our site. Maintenance on those filters becomes overwhelming for multiple tank installations. Instead, we offer the more economical to purchase and operate Sponge or Box style Filters. Sponges can harbor large quantities of nitrifying bacteria in a compact easy to maintain design. Simply squeeze the sponges clean occasionally to remove buildup of dirt and detritus. Box filters can be used to hold media such as Carbon or Resins, or even Buffering media such as Crushed Coral or Peat Moss. Both filters have the benefit of  being run by Air Power, which is the most economical means of moving water. Far more economical than Electric water pumps when used to move water within the water column. Consider the installation of a small Fish Room with 15 tanks of various sizes. Some having 2 or 3 Sponge Filters and others with 1, for a total of 22 outlets. This size setup can be powered by our smallest Linear Piston Air Pump #LPH26
This pump uses only 26 watts of electricity to operate all 15 Aquariums! If these tanks were all run on Outside Power Filters you can expect to use upwards of 250 watts to do the same work! (We won’t even mention the impeller replacements and media costs with other filters.You can read more at the Air Pump Main Page)
Electricity usage is always part of the cost of purchase for any piece of equipment which runs 24/7. Do not discount efficiency in your purchase decision.

For larger tanks and Central Systems we offer assistance designing and providing components for Trickle Filters, Commercial Cannister Filters or high pressure Sand Filters.

We can help with your layout and provide ideas on various options available to help get set-up quickly. We even carry the Glass Drill Bits and Bulkhead Fittings to make your tanks ready for a Central Overflow / Filter System. Large Central Water Pumps are also available (please call) as well as large biological chambers and Bulk Media (Bio-Balls).


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